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govCMS CKAN: Data visualisation in Drupal 7 for everyone!

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Fri, 28-Oct, 10:30
Drupal Version
Earlier versions (before 8)
Experience Level
Community [Inventing]

Introducing govCMS CKAN; a graphing and visualisation layer for Drupal 7, born out of the award-winning govCMS programme.

Developed for the Department of the Environment's first ever digital "State of the Environment" report, the govCMS CKAN module was built from the ground up to provide a way to display amazing visualisations with a huge amount of flexibility in any Drupal 7 site.

This talk covers an overview of the “State of the Environment” project, discusses the challenges of architecting and building the solution, and demonstrates how to get started with the module in your own projects.


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Stuart Rowlands, Jeremy Graham, Megan Watson

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