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Keynote speaker: Eduardo "Enzo" Garcia

Closing keynote: FRIDAY

Named as Eduardo Garcia, but knows as "enzo" in open source communities. Knowmad by definition and traveler by conviction

Co-founder and CTO of Anexus, a Drupal workshop located in Costa Rica, providing services for agencies located in USA, Canada, and Europe.

Two times candidate for "Director at Large in Drupal Association" with one of the highest turnout, without discard the intention to run again next year for it.

Web developer from 1996 and Drupal User since 2008, leader of Costa Rica Drupal Community, co-organing six Drupal Camps in Costa Rica, becoming in the most traditional and one of the biggest Drupal events in Latin America.

Enzo has a global vision of community, for that reason he has participated in 6 Drupal Cons, 21 Drupal Camps, and decenes of meetups in 4 continents. His last adventure was Travel around the Drupal World in 140+ days, with the objective of promoting and share the usage of Drupal 8 and Drupal Console project around the world.

His last enterprise is weKnow a company to provide train and advisory in Drupal 8 and Symfony applications.

You can read more about Enzo at:

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